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The Quantum Protector

Plus shipping & handling
($150 per Station)
(Tax added for the State of Florida shipping addresses.)
A workstation designed for protection and precision in crafting the delicate work of digital dentistry. Keeps your area cleaner and safer.

• Only sealed workstation that creates a layer of protection in your lab or office for you and your employees

• When used properly will eliminate over 99% of dust particles making grinding Zirconia much safer

• Reduces noise pollution due to high-speed hand piece use

• Has lights that are 5000k-6000k for great daylight lights, great for checking shades

• Comes with a mirrored back to check esthetics

• Collects all metal grindings to increase your scrap

•  Scrap drawer included for easy cleaning

• Electrical outlet built into the back of the workstation

Delivery is 4-6 weeks after purchase due to small batch production.


Replacement Sleeves

$50 per set
Plus shipping & handling
(Tax added for the state of Florida.)
These are the perfect replacement for worn out sleeves on your Protector. Choose from Royal Blue or Black. Sold in pairs.

Color Options


Replacement Face Screen

$20 each
Plus shipping & handling
(Tax added for the state of Florida.)
Replacement clear acrylic face screens are available to keep your vision crisp and concise as you perform your delicate work.

Replacement Light Bulb

$30 each
Plus shipping & handling
(Tax added for the state of Florida.)
Daylight LED for the best lighting and less strain on the eyes.

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