The Quantum Protector

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Plus shipping & handling
($150 per Station)
(Tax added for the State of Florida shipping addresses.)
A workstation designed for protection and precision in crafting the delicate work of digital dentistry. Keeps your area cleaner and safer.

• Only sealed workstation that creates a layer of protection in your lab or office for you and your employees

• When used properly will eliminate over 99% of dust particles making grinding Zirconia much safer

• Reduces noise pollution due to high-speed hand piece use

• Has lights that are 5000k-6000k for great daylight lights, great for checking shades

• Comes with a mirrored back to check esthetics

• Collects all metal grindings to increase your scrap

•  Scrap drawer included for easy cleaning

• Electrical outlet built into the back of the workstation

Delivery is 4-6 weeks after purchase due to small batch production.